A Man Called Scor.

[Artikel selingan].

Uang (Kaya)…
Yayang (Teman Ter Setia)…
Terus menghilang (Menikmati Hidup/ Pensiun)…

~ Berdiri Tegar!.
Jadi Pahlawan ataupun tidak?.
Tetap ada pengorbanan!.


1. God 1snot Alone.
2. Theory Of Everything.
3. The Ultimate Truth.
4. 3 Kick Life .
5. A saying In China That Perfected.
6. Let Just Find Money.
7. Berbincang di Teras dengan Scor.

A Man Called Scor.


About Just call Me Scor

Member and Son of God; Brother of Jesus Christ in Heaven :).
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